IT Infrastructure


Growing customer expectations on delivering omnichannel, personalized content, constant connect, instant responses and well-informed store associates, demand retailers to adopt new-age technologies to further enrich retail value chain. Retailers are investing more in both physical stores, as well as, digital channels for a superior customer connect. New technologies will drastically change the way retail business is carried out in the coming years.

A retail chain’s higher sales curve and customer experience will be driven by innovative technologies like; the Internet of Things (IoT), beacons, high-tech cameras, sensors, AR and VR solutions. Any new technology is heavily dependent on a strong backend IT infrastructure to meet its digital demands. The biggest pain-point for most retailers is the incapability of existing infrastructure to support new-age devices. IT networks have become more vital in delivering essential data to different business systems.

New-age retail networks must fully support machine-to-machine communication, device communications in-store, warehouses, connected vehicles and customers hand-held devices. IT infrastructure must ideally be designed inclusive of data from these connected devices, in the most reliable, secured and consistent way.

In addition to retailer’s internal system data, e-commerce data and social media data, massive digital data is generated across digital stores, smart warehouse and logistics. Retailers feedback on Digital store, smart warehouse and logistics have been captured below along with the potential digital enablers.

In today’s digital and cloud-based world, your business performs only as well as your IT infrastructure. We can help you design and implement IT infrastructure that will unlock your vision and unleash unprecedented performance.