5+ Best Adsense plugin for WordPress to maximize revenue

5+ Best Adsense plugin for WordPress to maximize revenue

In this article, I would like to suggest you the best AdSense Plugin for WordPress to increase your earnings. Google AdSense is one of the best choices to generate extra income from your blog or website. Once you got approval from Google AdSense, you can add easily AdSense to your website and start making money. There are many plugins and services available to add Google AdSense to your site.

You can also check out my favorite Google AdSense optimized WordPress themes, and best the SEO-friendly WordPress themes. These choices are excellent for the bloggers like you that want to earn an extra income from your site by the Ad server platforms like AdSense. Depending upon your need & requirement, pick the right one for you.

Once you got approval for the AdSense account, there must be a challenge for the new bloggers that how to add the codes to your website or blog and to place ads at the desired position. This time these AdSense plugins can help you. Before going to these, you must read the AdSense Guidelines properly. They are very strict about their guidelines and if you don’t follow them, you will be banned for a lifetime for using Adsense and lose this amazing opportunity to make money from your blog with AdSense.

Best Google AdSense plugin for WordPress

#1. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is one of the best AdSense plugins for WordPress with many advanced advertising features. By using this, you can insert the ads at your website’s optimal positions. Instead of Google AdSense, ad Inserter will support contextual ads like Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Media.net ads, and rotating banner ads, etc.

Ad Inserter is a perfect plugin to place the code for Google AdSense ads at top positions for optimal monetization of your website. It provides many advanced options to insert opt-in forms, header scripts, AMP ads, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, analytics, tracking, or advert code anywhere on the page.

#2. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads comes with an ad type dedicated to Google AdSense. You can create, manage and display an unlimited number of ads on your site with Advanced Ads. There are so many options for customization and it is extremely user-friendly. For example, you can place ads manually or you can use placements to inject ads in pre-defined positions in your theme and page content.

Advanced Ads is compatible with all ad networks and banners from affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, etc. You can also use it to add additional ad network tags into the header or footer of your site without additional coding. However, there is an ad type dedicated to Google AdSense.

#3. Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense is another free AdSense plugin for WordPress. It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert AdSense or any other Ad codes in a blog post. Besides, it can randomly place the Ads anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting page, and it does not overwhelm you with complicated customizable options.

The flexible Ads placement feature helps you to insert Ads specifically or randomly anywhere within a post. You have not required any coding knowledge for using this plugin. Just copy and paste the AdSense codes, tick & select options, and the plugin will then do the rest for you.

#4. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

This free Google AdSense advanced inserting plugin is an improvement of the successful but discontinued plugin Quick AdSense which is used on more than 100000 websites. WP QUADS is one of the best AdSense plugins for WordPress, coded well with no overhead, and is used on huge websites with millions of monthly page impressions.

No matter if the end-user visits your website on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device, your ads fit perfectly with WP Quads plugin. You can choose specific ad sizes for any device or you can use automatic mode to detect the best ad size. Speed and fast loading times are important for user experience and search results. WP QUADS is developed well and keeps the speed of your site.

#5. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

WP Simple AdSense Insertion is one of the favorite AdSense plugin for WordPress because of its ease of use, simplicity, and maximum control for ad placements. For most articles, the auto-insertion is perfect – for longer articles, being able to control where the ads go between paragraphs and headings using shortcodes is awesome.

With this plugin, you can easily insert Google Ads into your posts, pages and sidebar by using a shortcode or calling the PHP function from your theme’s template file. This plugin allows you to automatically insert AdSense ad code after the 2nd paragraph of every post. If you want to use this feature then copy and paste the ad code in the In-article Ad Code field of the settings menu of this plugin.

#6. Easy AdSense Ads

Easy AdSense Ads is a very simple and best ad manager for WordPress that is not limited to AdSense. You can easily inject ads into your home page, posts, pages, archives, and custom post types. You have 9 ad locations to choose from. Easy AdSense Ads also comes with features like ad widgets and ad rotation. This is the best WordPress plugin for inserting AdSense ads and other ads.

Easy AdSense Ads Inserter & Manager for WordPress is a complete ad management and scripts management solution for your blog. Unlike other plugins out there, this integrates right into the WordPress customizer to give you an instant preview of the ads you injected.

#7. WP PRO Advertising System

The “WP PRO Advertising System” WordPress Plugin allows you to manage advertisements on your WordPress site. It has many powerful features to put ads on your website, and manage advertisers, campaigns, banners & ad zones all in just a few seconds.

Besides adding normal banners this plugin allows you to create Corner Peel Ads, and Popup Banners and you can even transform your post/page backgrounds into advertisements. It also tracks clicks, impressions & CTR to give you very clean and detailed statistics.

#8. AdRotate Banner Manager

With the AdRotate you can easily place advertising banners pretty much anywhere on your blog while managing almost everything from the easy-to-use dashboard. In AdRotate it’s easy to check up on how many impressions adverts have.

AdRotate will work with ad servers such as; Media.net, Google AdSense, DFP, and most other referrer/ad servers. You can quickly see how many impressions and clicks your ads have received and monitor the different ad groups you set up for their performance. I think AdRotate has the best free version of any of the plugins on this list.

Winding Up

I hope any of these Google AdSense plugins for WordPress will help you to manage your ads effectively and grow your earnings from it. You have to make sure that you are following all the rules set by the adverting platform as they take them very seriously and if your site breaks any of their rules it could be banned for a lifetime. Keep this in mind.

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