Learn for good and get a free Google Certification in Digital Marketing

Learn for good and get a free Google Certification in Digital Marketing

Digital Unlocked – A Google Certification Program in Digital Marketing

Digital Unlocked – is a Digital Marketing Certification program initiated by Google in association with the respective chamber of commerce departments and other major educational companies in each country. The main objective of the Google certification program is to learn for good and to equip small and medium-sized businesses to understand the basics of online marketing and grow their presence online to the next level.

In simple terms, it’s a free online training program by Google to educate businesses about the basics of Google tools and digital marketing.

Digital Unlocked workshop will be really helpful to small business owners who want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing skills that they can leverage to grow their business online and increase their customer base for offering their products and services. The workshop will begin with an introduction to digital marketing and different digital media, and how they fit into your marketing strategy. This will be followed by presentations about different components such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, and e-commerce. The session will end with a presentation on management techniques, using web analytics and other skills and tools.

How to get Google Digital Unlocked Digital Marketing Certificate

Well, so you are ready to unlock Google’s free Digital Marketing Certificate. Ok, let’s go to the learning platform. Click here to get started.

The learning process for this course in each country is different. So, before getting started you can choose your country customization on the right side footer (near privacy & policy) of the digital unlocked webpage.

When I started learning this course there were 26 topics I have to cover, it’s in September 2017. Digital marketing is changing every 6 months or 12 months. So there is a change to change the number of topics. Explore the full list of topics here and the number of lessons included in each topic. Also here I have mentioned how long time will take to complete each topic. It depends on your knowledge of digital marketing. This is the average estimated time to complete each topic.

Digital Marketing Certificate – Topics & Lessons

  1. The online opportunity. (2 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  15 minutes)
  2. Your first steps to online success. (4 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  3. Build your web presence. (6 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  40 minutes)
  4. Plan your online business strategy. (5 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  5. Get started with a search. (6 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  45 minutes)
  6. Get discovered with the search. (5 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  35 minutes)
  7. Make search work for you. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  25 minutes)
  8. Be noticed with search ads. (4 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  25 minutes)
  9. Improve your search campaigns. (4 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  10. Get noticed locally. (2 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  20 minutes)
  11. Help people nearby find you online. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  25 minutes)
  12. Get noticed with social media. (4 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  13. Deep dive into social media. (4 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  14. Discover the possibilities of mobile. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  20 minutes)
  15. Make mobile work for you. (5 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  35 minutes)
  16. Get started with content marketing. (6 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  35 minutes)
  17. Connect through email. (5 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  18. Advertise on other websites. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  25 minutes)
  19. Deep dive into display advertising. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  25 minutes)
  20. Make the most of the video. (6 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  55 minutes)
  21. Get Started with Analytics. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  22. Find success with analytics. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  23. Turn data into insights. (5 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  30 minutes)
  24. Build your online shop. (2 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  25 minutes)
  25. Sell more online. (3 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  35 minutes)
  26. Expand internationally. (7 Lessons – Estimated time to complete –  70 minutes)

These are the 26 topics you have to cover. At the end of each lesson, you can check your knowledge with the provided question & answer programs integrated with this course. Once you have completed all the lessons on a topic, you have to participate in the topic assessment test. Around 5 – 12 questions will be there. You will be rewarded a completion badge after each assessment test you finished. Complete all the topics to unlock the badges.

Once you have completed all 26 assessment tests, it’s time to take the main exam to get certified as Google Digital Unlocked. I got 40 questions to answer and passed with an 80% mark in this exam. Here is my certificate 😀

Google Certification in Digital MarketingThis certificate we can verify online anytime.

For that go to this link.

https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalunlocked/validate-certificate-code. And check with my certificate ID (63B TPU H2H) here. You will get a certificate validation message that says “Sajeesh Vaderiyattil successfully completed the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification on 19/07/2018, 1:13

Just Seek through my Digital revealed dashboard post to my certification. It’s really relishing and proud moment for me. 🙂

How is this Google Digital Unlocked certification useful for you?

This digital unlocked certification provides you with a summary of digital marketing, it is exceptionally awesome for beginners. This certification is a guide for beginners and can help them create a foothold as a newbie. I strongly suggest this course to all the students, entrepreneurs, and businessmen who want to learn the basics of digital marketing. Because its free and well-arranged training videos will help you understand digital marketing concepts easily.

5 Benefits & Uses of Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing

5 Benefits & Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is a topic that’s been considered taboo in the digital marketing industry. And although it can conjure up images of Terminator robots, the reality is that AI has already found its way into many aspects of our daily lives, and nowhere is this more apparent than in digital marketing.

5 Benefits & Uses of AI in Digital Marketing

As artificial intelligence continues to develop, the benefits of digital marketing with AI become more prominent. But what exactly does AI bring to the digital marketing table? Here are five benefits & Uses of AI in Digital Marketing.

1. Maximizing Data Collection

One of the most obvious uses of AI in digital marketing is its ability to collect data automatically, and there are several ways that this can benefit you.

For example, imagine being able to monitor the performance of your website throughout the day automatically. No more logging onto Google Analytics now and then at 2 am to check up on how things are going. Instead, AI bots could be working tirelessly behind the scenes, collecting data for you all the time.

This will allow you to collect dips in traffic or leads and react accordingly, ensuring that you’re able to keep up with your competition. For example, if you see that sales are slowing down, you could direct extra traffic using Facebook ads toward a particular product.

It could even be used to set price changes as AI can predict when demand changes are likely to occur and make sales on your behalf. Imagine how big of an advantage this would be in the cutthroat world of digital marketing!

2. Visualize Your Customer Journey

Another great yet lesser-known benefit of AI is its ability to create visualizations of the way your customers interact with your campaigns. You could use this information to monitor customer retention, identify customer pain points and even develop new products that will nurture a deeper relationship with your customers.

By monitoring customer activity and the time they spend on your site, you can use this information to work out what type of content is most enticing to your customers. AI makes it possible to analyze how much time certain pages are receiving and how this correlates with sales.

You could then use this information to develop a new marketing strategy focused on these types of content to boost sales even more. AI is already being used by insurance companies to develop marketing strategies for social media influencers!

3. Identify Data Trends More Efficiently

You can perform some amazing analysis using AI software, but there’s also an element of trial and error involved. Artificial intelligence software is designed to react to data with more accuracy than humans can, so it’s far from perfect — but it can help you identify trends more efficiently than you could ever manage on your own.

Every time you make a change in the way that your website is structured or which marketing techniques you use, for example, AI will be able to tell if this has worked or not after analyzing all the relevant data mounds. This will help you to develop a much better understanding of what is and isn’t working for your customers.

4. Better Personalization

One of the main benefits of AI is its ability to act as a personal assistant, remembering your preferences and carrying out tasks on your behalf. This is great news for digital marketers, as it means they’ll be able to improve their customer service with greater ease than before.

For example, imagine you often receive complaints from users about broken links on your website. With AI, this will be a thing of the past because the bot will be able to locate and repair these links without any manual processing required.

It can even be used to help improve customer service by identifying when customers are experiencing issues and directing them towards support.

5. Freeing Up Your Team From Tedious Tasks

AI does all of the legwork for you and your team. This way, you can assign their human counterparts to more creative and critical roles such as managing social media campaigns, improving search rankings, and creating new content.

This will free up your team to focus on more strategic tasks, which is a great step forwards in the digital marketing world. For example, a conversational AI chatbot can respond to basic customer queries immediately. Your customers won’t have to wait for a human representative to get back to them for each question they have.

Essentially, it takes care of all the boring tasks for you, leaving your team to get on with the things that will really make a difference to your business.


While artificial intelligence is still a relatively new field within the realm of digital marketing, it will continue to develop and improve in terms of its accuracy.

This means that if you’re the type of business owner or marketer who’s happy to let their fingers do all the work, then AI might not be for you. But if your welcome a little assistance with your marketing campaigns, then AI could put you at an advantage in your field within no time!

Why Digital Marketing is Important? 10 Real Facts

Why Digital Marketing is Important? 10 Real Facts

Why digital marketing is important

Why digital marketing is important for any business?

The usage of the internet is increasing day by day worldwide. People are spending their time and money on the internet, accordingly the possibilities in Digital Marketing also growing.

50% of existing business models are almost doing everything they can do on the internet platform to compete with their competitors. They are partnering with experienced digital marketing companies to show their online presence with the help of innovative digital marketing strategies.

You may even wonder why internet marketing is an essential part of your business and how critical it is to the future benefit of your business. Once you read this article, you will understand why digital marketing is important for your business.

Statistic: Number of internet users in India from 2015 to 2023 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

At present, an average internet user has at least 3 to 5 social media accounts. They spend an average of 2 hours per day on social media. One of the top 10 reasons people say they are using social media to buy products advertised to them. Remember, Social Media Marketing is only a single part of digital marketing.

While one person prefers to read blog articles, another person wants to watch YouTube videos. So the choice of audience is endless in digital platforms. Traditional marketing doesn’t have an audience choice. Most of the people hate receiving promotions flyers in their mailbox or phone calls at an inconvenient time.

The following infographic will provide you with the difference between traditional and digital marketing.

why digital marketing is important rather than traditional marketing

Usual Forms of Digital Marketing

  • Website (Showcase of product & services)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing (Blogs)
  • Email Marketing (Campaign Automation)
  • Video Marketing (YouTube)
  • Inbound Marketing (Webinars)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords, Bing Ads.)
  • Mobile Marketing (SMS, MMS, Whatsapp)
  • Local Listing (Google Maps)
  • Affiliate Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Business?

Now come to the point. Let us evaluate why digital marketing is important and better than traditional marketing also what are the advantages of digital marketing using it for your business.

1. Cost-effective

While having an advertising plan, the budget is important. Usually, small business owners prefer to advertise on digital platforms. Because traditional marketing platforms like radio and television are too expensive for them, consider, you have to place an ad in a local newspaper. The budget will depend on the number of copies they print. If you want to put that ad for a month, that won’t be affordable for you. This is why small business owners mostly depending on digital marketing. A well planned and adequately targeted digital marketing campaign can reach your customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing.

2. Targeted Marketing

Consider you have an idea to advertise your products and services on a traditional marketing platform such as place an ad in a newspaper, renting billboard space, ad on television, ad breaks on a radio station. Now, think about your targetted audience. There will be a wide variety of audiences, do they have an interest in your products and services? Do they see or listen to your ad? Probably not (Can’t measurable). Here the door opens for digital marketing. You can choose a targeted audience who have already interest in your products and services. So instead of paying who are not interested in your ads, reach those who are likely to become customers.

3. Global Market Place

A startup company can gain more publicity for their ad campaigns in the global internet market place rather than broadcasting on television and radio stations. Most of the TV channels and radio stations are not globally accessible. So digital marketing allows them to show their ad campaigns in any part of the world. Alternatively, a well SEO optimized startup website can rank on the top of the search engine results with specific keywords. So the global market place opportunities are endless, and the small startups are utilizing this opportunity to get their global presence. On the internet, the success stories of startups are abounding within a short period.

4. Inexpensive Customer Research

You have to do some market research before launching your digital marketing campaigns. Fortunately, many freeways and tools are available online to do this. Use the internet as your advantage. You can gain useful information about worldwide customers through Facebook Audience Insights. That can be demographic information such as gender, lifestyle, education level, page likes, interests, purchasing behaviours, household income, and more. Google Alerts can send notifications to you whenever people are posting something about your company or your competitors on the internet.

5. Return over investment

Return over investment or ROI is one of the useful metrics for assessing the growth and downturn of your business. This helps you to determine whether you are making a profit or a loss from your business. Every business owner wants to make a profit from the money they invest. So RIO is a critical fact in marketing even it is in digital or traditional. ROI is not easy to measure in traditional marketing because the audience is broad. How can you confirm that people bought your product after viewing your ad in the newspaper? However, with the help of various tools in digital marketing, ROI is more comfortable to measure but little harder. As you know, digital marketing is a cost-effective method; hence, digital marketing is more likely to get a better ROI rather than traditional marketing.

6. Real-time customer service

The number of consumers and their demands are increasing day by day in the digital world. It is the business owner’s responsibility to fulfil these demands with exceptional customer service. You can win more customers, more sales and more loyalty through better customer experience. Although this practice is followed in traditional marketing, however, it’s potential in digital marketing is enormous. Yes, real-time customer service. With any customer in any corner of the world, your customer service executive or a pre-defined bot system can sell your goods or services and also solve their problems.

7. Multi-dimensional communication

Multi-dimensional communication is another important fact of digital marketing. No matter how large or small your business is, maintaining clear communication with customers and employees is necessary for a successful business. Consider, you are introducing a new product or service from your company. Suppose you have made a landing page for that product or service on your website. Now your target is to get maximum relevant traffic from multiple audiences to this landing page. You can reach them simultaneously through the multi-dimensional communication platforms such as emails, social media, blog posts, paid advertising and many more.

8. Enhance Brand Identity

Branding has been an essential part of marketing since the 1950s. However, customer behaviour has changed. Today’s customers are different from the olds. As mentioned earlier, they spend more time online platforms and media. Therefore, companies should use the digital-first approach to interact with their customers. This will help them get closer to them and thereby enhance your brand identity. You can strengthen your brand identity through your website, blogs, emails, social media posts, videos, and many more ways in digital marketing.

9. Gain trust and loyalty

Developing a healthful customer trust and loyalty is essential for online businesses to succeed. Because they are concerned about privacy and security. There are many things business owners can do to build customer trust and loyalty through digital marketing. You can always get connected with them on social media platforms, offer excellent customer service experience, use loyalty programs, provide multiple payment options and also encourage them to review your products after-sales. Digital marketing gives you many ways to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

10. Measurement and analysis

Measuring and analysing the outcomes of your marketing campaigns is a must. Every marketer is required to analyse that what they are doing is valuable. Because if you not measured, can’t be improved. It’s difficult to measure the success of your traditional marketing campaigns like distribute fliers or place an ad in newspapers. Fortunately, all types of data from digital marketing can be obtained using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook insights, etc.; digital marketers can analyse it and get improved outcomes from their marketing campaigns.

Conclusion on the Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business

By understanding the importance of digital marketing (Domico Directory), you can make the decisions quickly and know which marketing method is suitable and how to apply that to your business. For example, if your company has decided to take advantage of social media network to build the brand identity and reach the target group, you can do it by yourself, or you can hire a well-known marketing company to take care of it. If you want help in your digital marketing strategy that can help to increase your website traffic and boost your conversion rate, drop us a line. We will get back to you.